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An amazing auto-detailing tool, the Brush-Hero offers much more making ALL cleaning projects easy and enjoyable. Use with cleansers car soap or water . Youll find the Brush-Hero useful for tires, tires and all auto detailing needs. Use the white brush for tough jobs along with the black brush to get sensitive surfaces like chrome. It truly works! Its not intended to spin - more speed would create a wet mess and could damage paint.

Use the Brush-Hero to: Clean rims tires and hubcaps. Detail your engine! While the Brush-Hero was intended for bike, bike and automobile detailing, customers use it to clean virtually anything: barbecues, lawn tools, siding, displays, rain gutters, sports equipment and pets.

The profile makes it ideal for cleanup under the hood. Wash windows and your automobiles fenders. The black brush is gentle Brush Hero on chrome, wheel paint, metal wheel paint, cassettessearch engines and most paint jobs.

No electricity or batteries required! This is an all-in-one cleaning instrument: wheel brush, bicycle wash brush, auto washing tool, pool cleaner, bike cleaner and so much more. Its the only piece of automobile washing equipment youll ever want.

No mechanical parts, everything is readily replaceable - including the detachable brushes. This system includes. No metal - youll never worry about rust or corrosion, and the durable plastic was designed to stand up to harsh cleaning compounds. The Brush Hero matches any standard garden hose, also you'll be able to use it with hose-end soap dispensers for even more cleaning power. With a constant flow of water, the brush rinses because it heals, but well.

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